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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

AWBBudgies Travels : Devey - Wright Aviary

Good friends

We visited the Colin Devey and Colin Wright aviary October 6th 2010. It was a beautiful partly cloudy day when we visited and was looking forward to meeting Colin Devey because Dave Collier the judge in our group spoke many times about how he was mentored by him. Colin a true gentleman is tall with a gentle spirit and you could tell instantly very knowledgeable. We first visited the Devey Aviary and later went over to the Wright Aviary. These men have been partners in the hobby for many years. Similar in personality from my point of view you could see the results of their partnership. I saw some outstanding birds. Mr Devey described many things including how he soaks his seed for the soft food he feeds to the birds. I asked him to demonstrate how he uses a crop needle to feed directly to the crop. This is a tricky thing to do in order to not harm a sick bird yet he made it look simple. It was good for me to see it demonstrated having read about it. We talked about how the partnership treats different type of diseases and the medicines they use. Some of which we can get here in America and some which we can't. Its amazing how our countries security issues effect what is available. 

Our trip continued then over at Colin Wrights aviary.

When you enter their home you go through a nice iron gate of which you don't see much here in America. Next to the entrance to the aviary Colin has a beautiful very large Iron Budgerigar made and hung on the wall. It was very desirable and I've never seen anything like it. We continued to look at birds in show cages and there was a particular nice pair of cobalt father and son Spangle birds. It was here where Colin Wright introduced me to the clip they use to hang show cages up on the wire. They were kind enough to let me have one. For some reason you don't see those here in America so I had 100 of them made to sell. We again asked similar questions about breeding techniques using young hens and well bred hens. Its interesting to note that across the aviary visits we made to date many used the same techniques. Complimenting features while working to improve the weaker features. Every breeder we met uses line breeding to carry out the desirable traits.

We sat around the table and ate a typical English lunch of sandwiches and Tea. The decor was just beautiful with Budgie mementos and awards.  Our conversation was about how many have paid for their Budgie World magazine yet not received it. We talked about the state of the hobby including the controversial rules taking effect in the coming year. These rules regarding the rare birds as well as birds judged against

others but being held back because of 1 major fault. I'm not familiar with all of these issues but it was evident that the rulings had set forth tension amongst hobbyist.

Seed for soaking
All in all it was a wonderful experience at the Devey - Wright Aviaries, we left feeling refreshed and satisfied that our visit had answered many of the questions we had.

Colin describes specific features

 Group shot at Colin Wrights Aviary

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